How it works

Step 1: Check your flight eligibility

Upgrade Bid is available on selected routes – verify your flight eligibility by providing your booking information in the panel below.

Step 2: Place a bid to move one cabin class higher

You’ll receive an email no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, informing you if your bid has been successful or unsuccessful. Only successful bids will be charged.

Step 3: Enjoy your upgrade

Once your upgrade is confirmed, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of travelling in our award-winning Business or Premium Economy. Please note that extra baggage allowance will not be included in your upgrade.

Is your flight eligible for Upgrade Bid?

Check your eligibility by inputting your details in the fields below.

The benefits of upgrading

From more space and priority boarding to lounge access and more inflight dining options, the extras make the biggest difference when you travel.

premium economy benefits

Premium Economy

  • Located in a quiet separate cabin, our extra-wide Premium Economy seats have a generous recline and specially designed footrests.
  • Enjoy that little extra throughout your journey, including a welcome drink on arrival, hot towel, amenity kit and noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Travel more efficiently with dedicated Premium Economy check-in counters in selected airports and priority boarding privileges.

Learn more about flying in Premium Economy with us.

business benefits


  • Cathay Pacific’s award-winning Business seats adjust for both sitting and sleeping – fully reclining into a comfortable flat bed.
  • Flying Business gives you access to our premium lounges around the world, including our flagship lounges in Hong Kong.
  • Our Business menu serves up locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, while also offering lighter and healthy dining options.

Learn more about flying on Business with us.

Helpful information

Route availability

Please note that bookings made in India, or between Hong Kong and any destinations in India, are excluded from participating in Upgrade Bid due to technical limitations.

When booking

For flights booked on our website, Upgrade Bid eligibility notification will appear on the booking confirmation page.

When placing a bid

You’ll be asked to provide payment details when placing your bid. Please note the amount payable for Upgrade Bid is separate from and additional to the amount paid for the original ticket. Your Upgrade Bid may be accepted any time within 50 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time. You can modify or cancel your bid up to 26 hours before your scheduled flight departure time provided that your offer has not yet been accepted.

When your bid is successful

You’ll receive an email no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time, informing you if your bid has been successful or unsuccessful. Once your Upgrade Bid is accepted, your credit card will be charged automatically. Please note: if you check in online before receiving our email, we will no longer be able to process your bid.

More about Upgrade Bid

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about how the Upgrade Bid feature works, including information about bids for multiple passengers and multi-segment flights.

Terms and conditions

This page contains important information that pertains to your use of the Upgrade Bid feature.